Contemporary to timeless classics, the jewellery stores of Jordan offer an exotic selection of necklaces, rings, wristlets, cufflinks and much more with customized solution exceeding client specific needs with fine materials, yet keeping it budget friendly. The manufacturers, designers and retail boutiques ensure a hundred percent safe and comfortable service to their buyers
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Azza Fahmy Jewellery Jordan

Azza Fahmy Jewellery house in Jordan is located at the famous Four Seasons Hotel, offering customers across the world with handcrafted precious jewels in diamonds, gold, emeralds and other precious metals. Bagging wealth of over thousand ye ...

Tiffany Jewellery Jordan

The Tiffany & Co store in Cairo Street of Amman is a primary location to search for the precious jewellery assortments, swish watches, accessories and other gifts at best price. Their corporate responsibility is a commitment to maintain the ...

Louis Vuitton Amman

Louis Vuitton, one of the hottest fashion brand, offers their exotic jewellery range around the world. And now they have a stupendous store at the Taj Lifestyle Mall in Jordan. Check out the supreme quality products at this store or get it ...

Boucheron Amman

Amman the capital of Jordan is also the principle place to find the precious jewellery stores with beautiful modern and classic varieties. And one of the most preeminent jewellery studio here is the Boucheron Boutiques. You can find their e ...

Piaget Jewellery Amman

With several boutiques in Amman, Piaget is the ideal shop when you are looking to buy stylish jewellery sets for all occasions. Whether you want bridal jewellery or funky accessories, they have all kinds of ornaments in their store for you. ...

Shami Jewelry

If you are on the lookout for designer jewellery in Jordan, Shami Jewelry can be the ideal destination for you. Classic or modern, fancy or bridal, they have all kinds of jewelry in their stock to cater to the diverse taste of their custome ...

Imseeh Jewelry

Imseeh Jewelry is the ultimate place when you need to buy the latest design jewellery sets in Jordan. They have their flagship store as well as their retail store at the City Mall where you will get all kinds of jewellery designs that will ...

Asmar Jewellery

Are you searching for latest design jewellery sets, pendants, bracelets, rings and necklaces? If yes, then Asmar Jewellery is just the right place for you. Their selection of stone studded jewellery sets will surely catch your fancy once yo ...

Nadia Dajani Jewellery

Get unique designs of jewellery inspired by the art of Arabic calligraphy, and the Arab culture, only at Nadia Dajani's jewellery store. Located in Jordan, their showroom has some one-of-a-kind designs which will cater to your aesthetic tas ...