The incredible jewelry collection of the exclusive stores in Lebanon are abstract yet astoundingly aesthetic, and significantly every piece is exclusive! The brilliant team of workmen and artists with the help of advanced technology create, precious jewels that are best in class, and inspired by the international house of style. You are promised with highest quality products and best market prices.
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RosaMaria Jewellery

Visit the awe-inspiring jewelry house in Beirut, RosaMaria Jewellery company. Their breathtaking collection of bracelet, rings, neckpieces, and others will keep your eyes rolling. Each of the pieces here are made with previous handpicked s ...

Selim Mouzannar Jewelry

Selim Mouzannar has its beautiful jewelry boutique at Beirut, Lebanon with various outlets in France, United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, Turkey and UAE. The specialized Beirut collection takes its inspiration from the shape and sou ...

Shade Jewellery

The Shade Jewellery store situated in the Beirut Souks - Downtown in Lebanon, was established with the intention of catering jewellery that satisfies all tastes. The widest range of the jewellery designs endorsed by superior quality diamo ...

Moukarze Jewelry

Offering magnificent jewelry items for women and men, Moukarze is one trusted name among all jewelry shoppers of Lebanon. Their extensive range of items like solitaire, necklaces, watches, rings and more, in wide variations is one sole reas ...

Voyageur Jewelry

Showroom of Voyageur Jewelry, located in Dbayeh of Lebanon, is the home of some of the most beautiful and amazing jewelry items that your eyes will ever witness. Designed and handcrafted by their own leading and experienced experts, their c ...

Antoine Saliba Jewelry

Not only Antoine Saliba is a popular jewelry designing company, today they have become one of the leading online jewelry retailers. Based in Jbeil and Jounieh of Lebanon, their gallery showcases some of their stunning looking collection, wh ...

DJihan Jewelry

Designed by some of the leading and very renowned designers, DJihan offers the most gorgeous looking jewelry. A renowned jewelry brand in Lebanon, they offer a large selection of items made from the finest of gold, diamonds and gemstones, r ...