Excited for some jewellery shopping but waiting for the prices to fall? Visit the impressive stores of Iran or check them online and bring home authentic collection of extraordinary jewels from bridal bangles to statement neckpieces or a beautiful ring at most affordable ranges. Not only are the products one of its kinds but also are their services!
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Zar Jewellery

Want modern sophisticated jewellery with beautiful designs and classic look? Zar Jewellery is your one stop shop for an enormous collection of pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and custom jewellery. It is among the most afford ...

Hooman Jewelry

Hooman Jewelry, a well-known local jeweler, offers the most beautiful and the best brands to celebrate your engagement party and more than 5 thousand different designs. They also have the largest collection of valuable gemstones throughout ...

Arian Jewellery

Planning of wedding in the house? Don't forget Arian Jewellery which strives to meet the needs of each of their clients with artistic and lavish jewellery. From rings, necklaces, earrings to valuable gems according to the zodiac sign, all a ...

Mohammad Kashtiaray Jewelry

Mohammad Kashtiaray Jewelry is the oldest jewellery brand with the aim of production and distribution of jewelry. The major clients of this complex were shopkeepers and jewelry stores from all over of Iran which later transformed to major r ...

Kia Gallery

Kia Gallery has refined the art of making jewellery in a way that directly caters for the desire of the classy and fashionable jewellery lovers. The combination of modern and classical designs, with a touch of Persian patterns, has helped t ...

Alaghband Jewellery

The Alaghband brand is the culmination of professionalism, science, experience and a dedication to their customers. Their baby jewellery collection is one of the best all over Iran, starting from baby broaches, pins, earrings clips, chains, ...

Goharbin Jewellery

Goharbin a high-end jewellery designer and manufacturer has developed a reputation for its unique custom design jewels between its exclusive clienteles throughout Iran. The design inspirations include varied fields of middle Eastern and cul ...

Siavash Mozaffarian

Siavash Mozaffarian, the jewellery brand is the oldest and experienced in the market of Iran from the time of the kingly rule. The history of gemology in this family has always proved its innovation, creation and perfectionism. They are pio ...

Piaget Jewellery Teheran

Piaget is now offering their exclusive jewellery sets in Iran. You can now get hold of the stunning pieces by visiting their showroom at Iran. Whether you want watches, haute jewellery or stone embedded pieces, this store is well-equipped w ...