Gold Bars

You have to be extra careful when dealing with gold bars if you don’t know how to check its purity or authenticity properly. Dubai homes some of the top, trusted and globally renowned gold traders who offer the best value to your investment in gold, by offering the perfect dimension bars, coins or any custom shape that specifically suits your needs. So if your are looking to invest your money aside from stock market, buy gold in Dubai; for it could be more rewarding.


Dubai Gold Buyer

Dubai Gold Buyer does exactly what their name says; they buy gold in Dubai. In fact, they are one of the largest gold buyers, who deal across the world. They take gold in any form, shape or size, and offer the best possible price in return. ...

Emirates Gold

With an experience of over two decades, there is no doubt that Emirates Gold is one of the foremost gold refineries in the market of Dubai. They offer the purest and finest of investment gold bars, with different patterns on them, majorly o ...

National Bullion House

NBH is one of the most credible and trustworthy gold bars seller and online trader in Dubai. They offer the most authentic gold bars or coins, at the competitive price range. Their trading options, as well, is very customers’ friendly, al ...

Gold AE Dubai

Gold bars are one of the traditional ways of investing your money; still very popular in Dubai. Gold AE is a leading gold and silver trading company in Emirates countries, who sell gold and silver bars at the lowest of price. These bars ran ...