Atlas Jewellery

When you are out scouting for quality jewellery that brings out your personality, you can never go wrong with Atlas Jewellery. One of the biggest names in the jewellery industry in the Gulf and greater Middle East, Atlas jewellery is designed for both everyday wear and special occasion use. The brand is about to hit its fourth decade in business and it is values like dedication to quality, persistence, and determination to create a difference in the world of jewellery that has seen it become such a major player in the sector. When it comes to choosing the best diamonds and gemstones for the job, Atlas knows where look and how to sort them for the finest quality.

Atlas trades in four main categories of jewellery, namely gold, diamond, pearls, and gemstones. Their gold collection includes rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, and pendants, and is further classified under six collections: Maisha, Adya, Dyumna, Moriina, Sevgi, and Zyana. Each of these collections features a distinct design and style. The diamond iewellery category is made up of collections like City of Gold, Calista, Candrii, Iris, Maahi, and Syamanthaka. They feature everything from classy gold and diamond combo pieces to fashionable dress rings and jewellery that is perfect for a laid back, relaxed look.

Atlas pearls are carefully selected and hand mounted on each jewellery string. Plain and combined with gold, diamond or silver, this pearl jewellery is the ultimate way to make a fashion statement. Attend a high-flyers meeting with any Atlas pearl earrings or neck piece and look as important as the points you make. For complete expression of your personality, choose from the dozens of gemstone jewellery at Atlas. They have sets in every precious stone, including emerald, ruby, sapphire, quartz, tanzanite, topaz, turquoise, crystal and more. If you've always wanted to own colored jewellery, Atlas gives you the opportunity to do so with this fabulous collection that has pieces in blue, pink, purple, green, ivory, red, white, peach, and many other colors.

Each Atlas jewellery collection features different designs and can be matched up with any outfit. The prices too are pocket friendly, with a piece for every budget. From affordable jewellery that you can get for under a dollar to high cost premium designs ideal for when you need to stand out, Atlas takes care of everyone's needs. Atlas engagement and wedding rings made from gold or diamond are a best seller in all stores. Other top jewellery choices in Atlas outlets are friendship rings, fashion rings, bridal jewellery sets, fancy bangles, pearl earrings and bracelets, and gemstone necklaces.

Show your stylish side with Atlas Jewellery collections. Made for use every day of the week, this classy jewellery is designed with your comfort in mind. It includes classic wedding jewellery that is perfect for the bride, groom and guests alike, fashionable jewellery that can be worn to any informal event, and elegant pieces that go well with formal outfits. Let your inner passion shine through with Atlas rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, bangles, and pendants made from gold, diamond, pearls and other gemstones.


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